The Defeat-NCD Partnership
The Defeat-NCD Partnership


The Defeat-NCD Partnership

A world in wich there is universal health coverage for NCDs.

Enable and assist lower-income and lesser developed countries to scale-up sustained actins against NCDs so that they can progress on SDG 3.

The Defeat-NCD Partnership
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*Focus on: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, mental health and NCD supplies.


The Defeat-NCD Partnership Essential Supplies Facility. Established and launched the services of the Defeat-NCD Partnership Essential Supplies Facility to overcome the major constraint in the global fight against noncommunicable diseases, the reliable availability and affordability of NCD medicines, diagnostics, and equipment.

National NCD Capacity Building. Provided technical assistance and support, across its four pillars of work, to its existing programme countries, Rwanda and Myanmar, and initiated programming in three additional countries, The Gambia, India, and Ecuador, despite the COVID-19 pandemic which affected NCD service delivery globally and shifted the focus away from NCD programming.

Beneficiary Highlight

Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh - Minister of Health of The Gambia

“We are very happy with this partnership because it is based on national leadership. Rather than imposing solutions, the Defeat-NCD Partnership team is supporting our vision and helping build our capacities, bringing their technical skills, and promoting encouragement of other partners to come on board.”

Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh

Minister of Health of The Gambia