Support the conservation, restoration and safeguarding of our planet for present and future generation.

Strengthen capacities to foster a green, low-carbon and climate resilient transition.

Strengthen capacities to manage dangerous chemicals and wastes in a sound and sustainable manner.

Improve the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

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New implementation phase to strengthen climate learning. Signed a new long-term agreement with the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation with the aim to improve human and institutional capacity on climate change and increase countries’ capacities for effective climate change planning and management.

Strengthening human capacity on the green economy at the global level. As a member of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy, UNITAR reached the milestone of 74,000 enrolments on green economy e-courses and issued more than 15,000 certificates of completion.

Waste Management and Circular Economy course online. With the support of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Institute launched in November 2021 the online course on Waste Management and Circular Economy to support countries in their efforts to improve their national waste management systems.

Countering waste crime. Under the EC funded WasteForce project, an extensive range of tools and resources have been specifically designed to facilitate policymakers, regulators, inspectors, investigators and prosecutors to counter waste crime.

Beneficiary Highlight

Bárbara A. Smith - Argentina

“The content of the [Climate Change: from Learning to Action] course has inspired me to create and plan our communication campaigns in a way that fosters a real impact. Brands carry great responsibility, and we don’t want them to ‘green wash’ their businesses. We want them to raise awareness and promote a real change in behavior and brands have the potential power to do that.”

Bárbara A. Smith


Beneficiary Highlight

Cesar Vidal Molina Gadea - Nicaragua

“UNITAR’s assistance has been very effective, technical, and professional. They were specialists in the topic with lots of experience. Regarding the inventory, each category we estimated, we did in close consultation with UNITAR, and they helped us adapt to international methodologies. I did not have experience with mercury inventory before, so I have learned a lot.”

Cesar Vidal Molina Gadea